An Phuoc Company honors skilled employees who continuously improving workmanship, creatively contributing ideas, determining minds which can integrate in production and designs in order to create delicate fashion products to customers internationally, and domestically.


Factories: 5000 staff and skilled workers.
Boutique shops: 500 well-trained sale staff nation-wide.


Staffs are working at An Phuoc Office
Career opportunities

The An Phuoc Company defines to recruit skilled workers, determined minds to add to the dynamic working environment in our company

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Training Courses

An Phuoc Company provides training programs:
1. Employees: Providing courses helps to upgrade knowledge, gain understanding in the working field in order to apply it to daily working, and increase work performance.
2. Workers: Providing workmanship courses which help to increase product quality, reduce stop-time during production processes, promote work performance.


Workers are working at An Phuoc Factory